Apartment Size Small Washing Machine

When it comes to saving space in the kitchen, apart from a cooker, one of the biggest appliances is the washing machine. So, instead of spending hours hand washing, or feeding the machines at the Laundromat all your hard earned money, why not consider a small washing machine?

The portable size washing machine is an ideal appliance for any small space kitchen. Many apartments, condos and dorms don’t have the space and/or the plumbing connections for a full size washing machine, which is why apartment size washing machines or the mini washer have become so popular.

Truly Portable Small Washing Machine

In our best portable washing machine reviews, we have chosen the top 4 appliances to suit any size of kitchen. In fact, the machines featured below don’t even have to be sited in a kitchen, they can be put anywhere with enough space.

Filling the machine can be either via the supplied faucet connection or by bucket. The drain from the machine can be put into a sink, toilet, shower or tub, enabling the appliance to be used in any room with a power outlet.

Small Washing Machine Comparison Chart

 Haier HLP21N PulsatorMidea MAR30 Panda XPB70Giantex Compact Twin Tub
Haier portable washerMidea small compact portable apartment washing machine fully automaticPanda small compact portable washing machineBest portable washing machine
TypeAutomaticAutomaticTwin TubTwin Tub
Water Drain PumpYesYesYesNo (Gravity Drain)
Overall Size (H x W x D)29 29/32" x 17 19/32" x 17 1/4"
760mm x 447mm x 438mm
31 1/2" x 20 1/2" x 20 1/2"
800mm x 520mm x 520mm
33 55/64 x 29 21/64 x 17 1/8
860mm x 745mm x 435mm
28.35" x 24.8" x 14"
720mm x 630mm x 356
ControlsPush Button / DigitalPush Button / DigitalDialsDials
Power Input120 volt, 60 Hz120 volt, 60 Hz110 volt, 60 Hz110 volt, 60 Hz
Wash CyclesHeavy
Quick Wash
OptionsWash Only
Wash and Rinse
Rinse and Spin
Rinse Only
Load Size (Water Level)
Wash Time
Rinse Time
Spin Time
Wash Timer 0-15 Minutes
Spin Timer 0-5 Minutes
Wash Timer 0-15 Minutes
Spin Timer 0-5 Minutes
Capacity6 Lbs - 1.0 Cu. Ft6.6 Lbs - 0.92 Cu. FtWasher - 15.4 - 17 Lbs
Spinner - 11.0 Lbs
Washer - 11 Lbs
Spinner - 6.6 Lbs
Maximum Spin Speed700 RPM800 RPMN/S1300 RPM
Weight43 Lbs44.1 Lbs41.8 Lbs37.5 Lbs
Noise Level (Max)72db72dBN/S58dB
Price Range$$$$$$$$
Haier HLP21N PulsatorMidea MAR30Panda XPB70Giantex Compact Twin Tub


Best Portable Washing Machine Reviews



Haier HLP21N Pulsator Small Portable Washer

mini washing machine


  • Apartment size, small washing machine
    (H x W x D 29 29/32″ x 17 19/32″ x 17 1/4″)
  • 1-cubic-foot stainless steel inner
  • Takes up to 6 pounds of clothing
  • Very quiet operation with minimal vibration
  • Easy to roll, locking casters and leveling legs
  • Comes with installation kit and quick-connect sink adapter
  • Powerful water pump

The Haier HLP21N Pulsator is a fully automatic washing machine and spin drier that certainly ticks all the boxes in terms of build quality and ease of operation.

After unboxing the machine and removing the transport packaging, the initial setup is very simple and should only take a few minutes. Fit the metal bottom plate with the supplied screws, fit the 4 lockable casters and level the appliance, connect the feed hose to the tap, hang the drain hose, plug-in to a power outlet and you are ready to start washing.

When on the wash cycle The HLP21N is a very quiet machine (72db), and even on the short spin cycle it doesn’t emit enough noise to make it annoying.

Controls:Haier control panel

The Haier features 3 water levels and 3 wash cycles, all electronically controlled. The LED indicators show the selected cycle, water level and cycle progress.

Below is a “cycle guide” that will give you a better idea of the cycles and time taken to complete each one.

Haier portable washer wash cycle guide


Overall, the Haier HLP21N Pulsator is a very well made, quiet machine that would be ideal for any small space or as an RV washing machine.

The only drawback that we could find was the fact that the appliance does not have a lint filter. However, there are plenty of lint traps available on Amazon, which work just as well, if not better than the built-in filters.

If you are looking for a fully automatic, set-and-forget, small washing machine that will cope with a small to medium size load, the Haier is definitely at the top of the list.




Midea Mar30 Small Compact Portable Apartment Washing Machine

Apartment size washing machine


  • Ultra-compact – H x W x D – 29 29⁄32″ x 17 19⁄32″ x 17 1/4″ – (760mm x 447mm x 438mm)
  • 0.9 cu. Ft. portable washer
  • 5 cycles and 3 water level settings
  • Mounted on two wheels
  • 2 Machine filters
  • Fast spin speed

At 0.9 Cubic Feet and a load limit of 6.6Lbs, the Mar30 is the smallest of the four Midea appliances on offer, the others being; 1.6 Cu Ft, 2.1 Cu Ft, and 2.53 Cu Ft.

Even though the Midea Mar30 is small, it washes and spin dries clothes just like a full size washer, with the only difference being the load size.

As with the Haier, the Midea is a fully automatic washing machine and spinner that once programmed will go through the cycles of washing, rinsing and drying without the need for any intervention.

As far as noise goes, as long as the load is evenly balanced on the spin cycle, the appliance only makes a noticeable humming sound, which is low enough to not annoy any neighbors.

There are 2 filters built into the machine; a lint filter within the drum that should be cleaned every 10 cycles, and a pump filter at the back of the machine that should be cleaned once every month. Although not mentioned in the instruction manual, the pump filter should be tightened before first use of the machine.

The washer incorporates two feet at the front and two castors at the rear. The appliance can be wheeled around by tipping the machine backwards. The front right foot is adjustable and allows the machine to be leveled.


Midea compact washing machine

The Midea has a Digital LED display that shows the settings for the 5 cycles, 3 water level settings and the time remaining in the currently selected cycle. The controls are very easy to understand and laid out in a logical order.

The image below left shows the Cycle settings, load sizes and times. The image below right shows how to choose the cycle and select any options.

Midea washer cycle guide

Midea small washing machine settings


The only negative aspect of the Midea small washing machine is that it only has wheels on the rear of the appliance, which, for elderly or frail people, could prove a problem when trying to move it around.

The controls allow the user to literally customize any wash cycle to their liking, which is great if you need to do the occasional heavy wash or a light delicate wash.

With quick wash times and a spin cycle that leaves clothes just damp, the Midea Mar30 is a very competent machine, that for a small apartment, dorm or even as an RV washing machine is an ideal appliance.




Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine (15.4lbs Capacity) with Spin Cycle XPB70

Panda small compact portable washing machine


  • Hard wearing, heavy duty construction
  • Up to 15-17Lbs load capacity
  • Durable water pump for hassle free operation
  • One year warranty

With its massive 15.4lbs capacity, the Panda XPB70 is one of the best selling small twin-tub washing machines on Amazon.

The XPB70 is large enough to cope with an everyday wash, yet compact enough to fit into a small space, and at 33 55/64″H x 29 21/64″W x 17 1/8″D (860mm x 745mm x 435mm) the Panda is about average size for a twin-tub.

The model reviewed is the middle capacity of the 3 Panda twin-tub models available. If you have less space available, there is a 10lbs capacity, and if you have more space and would like a larger wash load machine, there is a 19lbs capacity model available.

The Washing machine can be filled either by a hose connected to the faucet or by pouring the water into the tub manually. There is also a hose connection on the spin dryer side if you want to rinse the clothes before spinning.


With just 3 dial controls and no complicated electronics to go wrong, the XPB70 is one of the easiest small washing machines to operate.

The left dial controls the wash time, which can be set from 0 – 15 minutes

The middle dial selects the wash type, and can be set to gentle, standard or drain

The right dial sets the spin dryer time and can be set from 0 – 5 minutes


There are a couple of minor cons associated with the Panda XPB70.

The first minor annoyance is the poor user manual. As an example, in one part it states “Do not add Gasoline or explosive substances to the wash water”! It also does not explain that the machine cannot wash and spin at the same time as the water needs to be set to drain when on the spin, which will also drain the wash tub.

The second point, which may or may not be an issue, is the fact that the appliance does not have wheels. It does however have molded side handles for lifting and it is fairly light.

Overall, the Panda XPB70 is a lightweight, small washing machine, and, even without a comprehensive manual, is very easy to understand and operate. It does a great job of both washing and spinning garments.

If you are in the market for a small washing machine, the XPB70 is well worth checking out.




Giantex Portable Mini Compact Small Washing Machine

Small twin tub washing machine


  • Very Small and Compact Washing Machine
  • Gravity Drain (no pump to go wrong)
  • 11lbs Wash Load Capacity
  • 6.6lbs Spin Dryer Capacity
  • Cheap Price


The Giantex twin tub washer and spin dryer is a very compact machine that is an ideal appliance for those on a tight budget.

With 11lbs wash capacity the Giantex will easily cope with small loads. The spin capacity is 6.6lbs, so if you have a full weight wash load, you will have to spin dry half the load at a time. This is not a drawback with this particular machine, it is the same for all small twin tub washers where the spin dryer compartment is roughly half the size of the wash tub.

Filling the appliance can either be done way of a plastic hose or manually. Draining the machine is more of a problem due to the fact that the Giantex does not have a water pump, it has a gravity drain, which means the appliance needs to be higher than the area it is draining into.


Giantex portable mini compact twin tub

The controls on the Giantex are typical for a compact twin tub. The three dials allow the user to select a wash time, choose between gentle wash, standard wash or water drain and select a spin time. The controls are clearly marked, easy to operate and very simple to understand.

ConclusionSmall washer

There are a few drawbacks to mention, but, if you bear in mind the fact that this machine is selling for just over the $100 mark on Amazon, the benefits of having a portable washing machine far outweigh any shortcomings.

The first and most obvious point to mention is that the Giantex is a gravity drain machine and does not have an electric pump. This means that the waste water must be drained into a tub or bucket. Some reviewers have overcome this by placing the washer in a shower or bath tub.

The second point to mention is the short length of the hoses, and the fact that the water input connection does not fit on most faucets.  One clever reviewer on Amazon overcame the faucet connection problem by using a turkey baster, yes a turkey baster! Take a look at the Amazon reviews and scroll down.

Overall, for a small washing machine, the Giantex does give a good wash and tumble dries the clothes very quickly. Even with the drawbacks, this is a very good machine, and at this price, a real bargain.




How to Choose the Best Small Washing Machine


A small washing machine not only saves space – it can save time and money. They are compact, yet just as efficient as larger machines at getting your clothes clean. But, there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you are searching for a new small size washing machine, use the following buying guide to make an informed decision.

Why Should You Buy a Small Washing Machine?

There are quite a few benefits to owning a small laundry machine. Obviously, at the top of the list is space. Small machines take up less space, which makes them ideal for apartments.

Also, they easily connect to standard faucets and drains. This allows these machines to be portable, so you can use them in your RV. Due to the smaller size, you can also save money by using less water and energy than a full-size machine.

Basically, a full-size washing machine is simply not an option in most apartments. You also cannot fit a large machine inside your RV. So, to save space and money, a small machine is the perfect solution.

What Should You Look for in a Small Washing Machine?

Before you rush out and purchase an apartment size washer and dryer, you should know what to look for. There are certain features to pay attention to. If you want to find the best option, start by considering the following features:

  • Total load capacity
  • Design and Portability
  • Energy and water requirements
  • Cycle and wash settings
  • Noise level of the machine
  • Single tub and twin tub
  • The price of the machine

Total Load Capacity

The total load capacity determines how many articles of clothing you can fit inside the machine. This can be an essential feature if you intend to wash a lot of clothes. For example, the demands of washing clothes for a family of four will vary from the needs of an individual.

The load capacity is often listed as a total weight of the clothes. For example, you may see a unit listed with a 6-pound or 10-pound capacity.

Design and Portability

The design and portability of the machine are also important. You should decide where you plan on placing the machine and measure your available space. Use these measurements when you start shopping and comparing models.

In addition to the overall size of the unit, you will want to look at the weight. If you plan on placing the machine in your RV, then you will want a machine that is easy to transport. This could also be an issue if you need to carry the machine up several flights of stairs to your apartment.

Energy and Water Requirements

The next feature to consider is the electrical and water needs of the small washer. This could be crucial if you plan on purchasing an RV washing machine. Generally, your machine will need access to an electrical outlet and a faucet.

Most small washing machines come equipped with a faucet adapter. This allows you to easily connect your compact washing machine to a faucet. Additionally, a drain may be required, depending on the unit that you choose.

If energy efficiency is a concern, you should look at the Energy Star rating of the machine. Less energy consumption means less of a drain on your RV battery if using your washer in your recreational vehicle.

You also need to look at the power input of the device. Generally, small washing machines will require access to a standard 110/120-volt electrical outlet. This should only be a problem if you plan on taking your machine to a different country.

Cycle and Wash Settings

The cycle settings, wash settings, and other control options are among the main features to consider. For example, some machines include options for your wash setting, including:

  • Wash only
  • Wash and rinse
  • Rinse and spin
  • Rinse only

You may also choose the type of wash cycle – gentle, normal, and heavy. Though, these features all depend on the unit that you choose. If you require heavy wash cycles, make sure that this option is available.

Small washing machine noise levels

Noise Level of the Machine

Some machines are louder than others. If you are specifically looking for an apartment size washing machine, then a quieter machine is a smart idea. You do not want a noisy machine to upset your neighbors.

To give you an idea of typical decibel levels, people generally talk at about 60dB. Lawn mowers typically generate about 90dB of noise. So, 70 to 75dB is a perfectly reasonable range.

Single Tub and Twin Tub

Single tub machines also referred to as automatic machines, have a single basket for your clothing. You set the machine and forget it. This makes single tub machines easier to operate, but there are advantages to twin tub machines.

A mini twin tub washing machine includes two baskets. One is for the wash cycle and one is for the spin cycle. This allows the twin tub machines to dry your clothes more efficiently than a single-tub machine.

The Price of the Machine

The last feature to consider is the price of the machine. Decide how much you want to spend on a new portable washing machine for your RV, home, or apartment.

The cheapest model is not always the best option. You want a machine that can withstand regular use. Looking at small washing machine reviews can help you learn more about the overall quality and craftsmanship of each model.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Portable Washing Machine

Finding the best cheap portable washing machine is not hard. You just need to consider the features that are most important to you. This could include the noise level, water needs, wash cycles and settings, and the load capacity.

If you are shopping for an apartment size washer and dryer, then noise level may be a primary consideration. For RV use, you will want to look at the drain and faucet options.

Decide which features are most important and then start comparing different small washing machines. To make this step easier, we have included a selection of the top rated, best small washing machines. Good luck on your search.