Bidet Toilet Attachment Reviews Comparison

Installing a free-standing bidet in a small bathroom may not be an option due to the space required, even if you do have the required Bidet Toilet Attachmentspace, there are there considerations to take into account; such as the cost of the bidet, the plumbing and the fact that you will need to move from the toilet to the bidet to wash yourself. However, there is another option that you may not have considered….the bidet toilet attachment!

In this review post we will be taking a look at the best water cleaning toilet attachments and reviewing each one. There are many more products available than we have listed below, but, we wanted to review the most popular models within a low to medium price range. Yes, there are some very cheap models available, but, after reviewing them we decided not to include them due to the inferior internal parts they are manufactured with. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and this is particularly true in the Bidet market.  

If you need even more refinements and accessories, there are bidet toilet seats available that feature hot air driers, deodorizers and remote controls. But, they are a lot more expensive than the products listed below.


Toilet Bidet Attachment Reviews


Luxe Bidet Neo 180Superior Bidet Supreme
SB 221
Bidet Boss, Premium
Attachment For Your Toilet
Luxe Bidet Neo 320
Type AttachmentAttachmentAttachmentAttachment
Water Connection(s)ColdHot and ColdHot and ColdHot and Cold
Electrical ConnectionNoNoNoNo
Wash TypesPosterior and FemininePosterior and FemininePosterior and FemininePosterior and Feminine
Retractable NozzlesYesYesYesYes
Adjustable NozzlesNoYesNoNo
Self Cleaning Nozzle(s)YesYesYesYes
Price Range$$$$$$$$$$


Luxe Bidet Neo 180 – Cold Water Bidet Toilet Attachment



Luxe produce a range of bidet toilet attachments that are not only functional but also very good value for money. The Neo 180 is cold water only, which, if you don’t have a hot water outlet near your toilet or are not confident with plumbing one in, is an ideal workaround.


The controls on the Neo 180 are very simple to operate. The large front lever can be lifted up and down to switch the water on luxe-bidet-neo-180-bidet-reviewsand off, and the rear dial can be turned from middle (rear wash) to left (feminine wash) and to the right for cleaning the 2 nozzles.

The 180 model is advertised as having adjustable pressure by using the large lever, however, if you find that the control is too sensitive, the best way to regulate the pressure of the water spray is to purchase an Aquaus Toilet Adapter/T-Adapter which will allow you to set the required pressure to the bidet without altering the flow to the toilet.

Alternatively, the Neo 185 model features a dial instead of a pull lever, which gives more control over the pressure.


If you want a value for money bidet toilet attachment without all the expensive frills, the Neo 180 and Neo 185 are well worth considering.




Superior Bidet Supreme SB 221 Hot and Cold


Superior bidet supreme l


The Superior Bidet Extreme features an adjustable temperature, adjustable direction, nozzle cleaning mode and font/rear wash modes.


The temperature of the water can be regulated by mixing the hot and cold water, which is all controlled by one dial on the rear of the control panel.Superior bidet supreme add on bidet

The middle dial controls the direction of the jets, rear wash or feminine wash, and the pressure. The front dial cleans the nozzles by pushing water over them in a downward direction.

The housing (inside the toilet) can be moved backwards and forwards to adjust the angle of the water spray. Inside the housing are the two nozzles that pop out when the bidet is in use and then retract back into the housing when the water is turned off.

Everything you need to install the bidet is included in the package; bidet attachment device, plastic t-adapter, metal t-adapter, flexible metal hose, plastic hose, Teflon tape and a hot water inlet cap.


The Superior Bidet Extreme is an excellent product. It is well made, cleverly designed, and the easy to understand controls make it very simple to operate.  Even with the hot water supply, the bidet can be fitted quickly and easily.

If you are on the lookout for a hot water bidet, at this price the Superior Extreme should definitely be on your shortlist.




Bidet Boss, Premium Bidet Attachment for Toilet


Bidet boss attachment l


The Bidet Boss converts any conventional toilet into a fully operational cleansing system, cheaply and easily. No specialist tools are required and as long as you have a hot water outlet, like a sink, near to the toilet, you are all set to go. All the parts for installation are included in the package.


At the front of the control panel is a lever that opens the valve to start the cleaning process. The lever also doubles as a water temperature regulator.

The dial at the rear of the panel can be set to one of three positions, nozzle cleaning, wash and female Best bidet attachmentwash. The nozzle cleaning function forces water through the nozzles to remove any waste materials, the wash function is for the bottom and the female function sprays to the rear and further forward.

The nozzles extend from the body when in use and then retract when not in use. The Nozzles are not adjustable.

The body of the Bidet Boss is 13.25 inches wide and the control panel is 3 inches wide, which makes the whole unit 16.25 inches wide. From the top of the body to the bottom of the nozzle un-extended is 3 inches and when extended it is 4.5 inches.


The Bidet Boss is a simple yet rugged design. The controls are easy to understand and seem well made. The water jet is powerful and does its job very well.




Luxe Bidet Neo 320 – Hot and Cold Water


Luxe bidet neo 320 self cleaning dual nozzle l


The Neo 320 is another quality offering by Luxe. The 320 looks similar to the Luxe 180 in design, however, it has the advantage of being able to connect to both hot and cold water supplies.


The front lever controls both the on and off function and also acts as a hot and cold mixer, which allows you to set your preferred temperature.

To warm the water before it hits your delicate parts; turn the rear dial to nozzle cleaning and let the water run. When you are ready to be cleaned, turn the rear dial to your preferred wash setting.


The top of the range Neo 320 is one of the best bidet’s we have encountered, and at this price a real bargain.




What is a Bidet Toilet Attachment?


Bidet toilet attachments come in various styles. Some models are cold water only while others can also be connected to the hot water supply. They fit a wide range of toilets and are relatively easy to install. The hot water models require a connection to both hot and cold water supplies. The cold supply from the inlet on your toilet and the hot supply from a nearby sink. if you don’t have a hot supply near the toilet you can either buy a cold only bidet or run a line to the toilet.

The video below is for the Luxe series of Bidet’s, however, the same principals apply to all the above models.


Installing a Bidet Toilet Attachment



Why use a bidet?


If you work out how much you spend on toilet paper over a year, you may be surprised at the money you can save by using a bidet. Also, toilet paper and wipes can block drains, leading to costly repair bills.

Personal Hygiene:

However, it’s not just about saving money on toilet paper, it’s also the hygiene considerations that need to be addressed. A water spray washes away the entire residue and leaves you completely clean, while toilet paper leaves behind a residue and can cause skin irritations due to its abrasive nature. With a bidet there is no bacteria build up, no smell and no streaks.

Health Implications of the Bidet:

Cleaning yourself thoroughly can help relieve ailments such as hemorrhoids and prevent fungal infections such as thrush.The female cleansing function of the bidet toilet attachment not only cleans the area it also helps to prevent urinary tract infections.

The bidet toilet attachment is also ideal for people with disabilities or for those that find turning and bending a problem.