Closet Kits – Free Standing Closet Systems – Wardrobe Organizer reviews

If you are looking to organize your closet, consider using one of the many low priced closet kits. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, closet kits are an ideal way of storing clothing, shoes and any other items that are cluttering up your home.

Below, we have reviews of four very different closet kits, most of the products are available in a range of sizes to suit any size closet or free standing area.

Three of the four closet kits can be used as standalone closets whilst the Rubbermaid kit needs to be screwed to a wall.

So, why did we choose these closet kits to review? Overall, the closet kits on review represent a wide cross section of those available. Also, these closet kits have very good user ratings on, which is a good indication of quality and functionality.

Under the reviews is a useful buyer guide that will guide you through choosing the best closet kit for your particular needs.

Closet Kits – The Reviews


SONGMICS 59 inch Portable Clothes Closet Kit – Wardrobe Organizer with Shelves

Heavy duty portable closet

Songmics manufacture a vast array of storage systems, from small hanging accessory shelves to the full size free standing closet system. In this review we will be taking a look at the 59 inch portable storage organizer.


  • Sturdy Construction – High quality steel tubing and PP Plastic Connectors
  • Space Saving Organizer – Convenient size for organizing any small room or walk-in closet
  • Plenty of Room – Adjustable hanging rods and twelve storage shelves offer plenty of space
  • Dustproof & Waterproof Cover – 3 Tier, zippered dustproof cover protects your clothing
  • Easy to Assemble – Building the closet is very easy, and no tools are required

Dimensions and storage areas:

With dimensions of 59″ Wide x 17 3/4″ Depth x 68 7/8″ High, and a total weight limit of  143.3lbs, the Songmics ULSF03G is large enough to store a large amount of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Storage inside the closet consists of 10 side shelves (5 either side), 2 center shelves and a large center area with a hanging rail.

The weight limits for the individual areas are;

  • Hanging Bar Load Capacity: 50lbs (23kg)
  • Long Shelf Load Capacity: 11lbs (5kg)
  • Short Shelf Load Capacity: 6.6lbs (3kg)
  • Overall Load Capacity: 143.3lbs (65kg)
  • Total Weight of Product: 14.3 Lbs (6.5kg) 

The storage areas can be sealed off by unrolling the fabric and pulling down the zippers, which is ideal for keeping the clothes dust free or for the storage of winter and summer clothes.

Songmics portable storage closet

Best portable closet


As you can see in the video below, the assembly of the Songmics is quite straight forward and can be completed in less than an hour. Everything is push fit, and no tools are required.


The Songmics ULSF03G is a very impressive product that can hold a lot of weight. Manufactured from metal tubing and plastic connectors, the portable closet is also very sturdy and stable.

Overall, not only does the Songmics look good it is also a very practical product that is well designed and can be used within a walk-in closet or as a free-standing organizer.

If you need to organize or store a lot of clothes, then the Songmics portable wardrobe is definitely one to consider.


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SONGMICS Clothes Closet Portable Wardrobe 43 inch ULSF007


Cosyhome 12 Cube Portable Clothes Closet Kit – Freestanding Storage Organizer

12 cube organizer

The 12 cube organizer from Cosyhome is an ideal solution for those needing extra clothes storage or for organizing an existing walk-in closet.

Dimensions and storage areas:

When built in the configuration pictured above, the product measures 44″ Wide x 19″ Deep x 58″ High. However, Cosyhome have designed the 12 cube organizer to allow the user complete control over the configuration. So, for instance, if you have a small space, the organizer could be built narrower and higher.

Opening storage area doors not only prevent dust from settling on the items inside, they also add to the overall visual appeal of the product.

The vertically aligned doors can also be zip-tied together, so to open all together, as one door.

Modular cube storage

Free standing cube storage


Assembly of the Cosyhome 12 cube organizer is simply a case of pushing the panels into the connectors, and requires no tools whatsoever.


The main advantage of the 12 cube organizer from Cosyhome is the fact that it can be built in any configuration to suit your requirements, or the space you have available.

For a cheap portable closet, the Cosyhome is a great solution for either walk-in closet organization or as a free standing wardrobe.



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Rubbermaid Configurations Custom Closet Organizer – Deluxe Kit, 4-8 Foot

closet kits

In this review we will be looking at one of the most popular and highly rated closet organizers on Amazon, the Rubbermaid 4-8 foot custom closet deluxe Kit. More Rubbermaid kits are listed below the review.

The Rubbermaid organizer comes in a range of designs that can be adapted to fit every size closet, from small to large.

For any walk-in closet, the Rubbermaid configurations closet organizer is the perfect solution when more storage space is required.

The kit includes:

  • 7 – 26″ Shelves
  • 2 – 48″ Shelves
  • 2 – 48″ Top Rails
  • 19 – Brackets
  • 5 – 47.5″ Uprights
  • 2 – 25″ Upright Extensions
  • 4 Hang Rods (2 x 48″ and 2 x 26″)

Wardrobe organizer



Rubbermaid closet organizer

Rubbermaid configurations

As the name suggests, the Configurations 4-8 foot kit, can be fitted to any closet wall from 4 feet and up to 8 feet wide.

Due to the fact that the hanging poles telescope in and out, and the shelves overlap, fitting the kit is simply a case of deciding where you want the organizer and the configuration that will suit your needs.

The four hang rods can be either be joined together or used as they are, which gives you the option to fit the organizer in whatever configuration you choose.


If you are not competent with DIY, and the thought of finding studs and drilling into walls fills you with apprehension, this probably won’t be the best kit for you. If this is the case, there are other, free standing closet organizers in this review that you may want to consider.

The Rubbermaid closet organizers are very sturdy, durable and well-designed products that, when installed correctly, can take a lot of weight.

For a relatively cheap closet organizer kit, the Rubbermaid is excellent value for money.



Other Rubbermaid Kits

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Rubbermaid configurations custom closet starter kit white 3 6 foot fg3e2402wht



Rubbermaid fasttrack freeslide expandable closet organizer 5 to 8 foot white (3d1100wht)




Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer System

Expandable closet organizer

The Seville Classics expandable closet organizer can be used free standing or inside a closet. The system can fit spaces from 58 to 83 inches wide.Freestanding closet

The two tower closet system comprises of:

  • 8 ventilated steel wire square shelves (14″ x 14″)
  • 2 ventilated steel wire cantilever shelves (14″ x 28″)
  • 2 expandable hanging rods
  • 8 removable polypropylene shelf liners
  • 4 adjustable leveling feet

The product is available in four colors; Ultra-Zinc, Satin Bronze, Resin Cocoa and Steel Wire, with the Ultra-Zinc and the Satin Bronze being the cheapest of the four options.

Building the wardrobe organizer can be a bit fiddly and it is best if two people tackle the assembly. If you are going to build it on your own, one tip that many reviewers have mentioned is to use scotch tape to hold the slip sleeves (the parts that go under each shelf) in place.

Each shelf and both expandable hanging rods can be positioned up or down the vertical poles at one inch increments, making the organizer completely customizable.

The dimensions of the Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer System are 14″ Deep x 74″ High x 58″ Wide (unexpanded) and can be expanded up to 83″ Wide. Each shelf measures 14″ Wide x 14″ Deep.

Having a weight capacity of 100 LBS per shelf, 125 LBS per hanging rod (un-extended) and 50 LBS (fully extended) allows the user plenty of freedom as to the weight of items placed onto the shelves or hung on the rods.


If you are looking for a heavy duty closet organizer and don’t fancy drilling lots of holes in your wall, the Seville classics expandable closet system could be just what you are looking for.



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How to Choose a Closet Organizer or Closet Kits for Your Wardrobe


Closet kits can help you save space and keep your wardrobe organized.

The type of organizer that you choose will depend on the size of your closet and other factors. You want to make sure that it fits your available space and offers enough storage for your clothes and accessories.

Look over the following details to learn how to select the right closet kits:

  • Discover the different types of closet organizers
  • Explore the various materials and designs
  • Customize your closet kit to meet your needs
  • Measure your available space for closet kits

Types of Closet Kits

Free standing closet systems come in a variety of configurations. You can find wardrobe organizers with wheels, freestanding closet organizers with multiple compartments, and rack systems that mount to your wall.

Think about the types of items that you’ll be storing and the layout of your closet or bedroom. The main types of closet kits include:

  • Wall mounted units
  • Freestanding closets
  • Portable closet organizers

The wall mounted units are best used when you don’t have floor space for a freestanding closet system.

For example, a Rubbermaid closet organizer with wire racks will take up little space along the back wall of your closet. These rack systems include clothes racks for hanging shirts and pants, along with several adjustable shelves.

The freestanding closet systems typically feature a framework constructed from metal or durable plastic. The shelving may be designed from fabric, plastic, or metal.

These options tend to take up more space than wall-mounted units, but also provide more storage and customization.

Freestanding systems include modular cube storage units. These units contain individual cubed cubbyholes that can be arranged to fit the inside of your closet – making them more customizable.

Portable closet organizers either feature a set of casters for easy transport or have a framework that can easily be deconstructed or folded into a compact shape.

The shelving and partitions are typically made from fabric, to make the wardrobe organizer lighter and portable.

Design and Material of the Closet Kits

The design and material will determine the portability of the closet kits. The most common materials include:

  • Laminate shelving
  • Wood shelving
  • A metal framework
  • Nylon and fabric shelving
  • Plastic drawers and shelving

Laminate shelving is durable and more affordable. These units are often lightweight and customizable, similar to wire shelving. Metal frames are more common for the portable units, which feature nylon or fabric shelving.

The permanency of the unit depends on the design. The wall-mounted units are more permanent, as they need to be attached directly to the wall. The freestanding closets are portable.

If you’re going to mount a wall system, you’ll need to examine the material of your closet wall.

If the back of your closet features drywall or paneling, your system will require wall anchors for added support. With concrete walls, a masonry bit will be needed to drill a hole. For solid wood walls, an anchor won’t be necessary.

You also need to consider the weight capacity. Again, this is determined by the design and material. Wire shelving tends to have a large weight capacity – often exceeding 200 pounds.

Some of the freestanding closet systems are made with steel frames and nylon shelving. While these units are lightweight and durable, they have limited weight capacity compared to a 12-cube organizer constructed from high-quality plastic.

The design can also determine the amount of storage that you’ll have available. You should think about the clothing and accessories that you’ll be storing.

Will you have enough space to hang your shirts? Do you need shelving for folded clothing or shoes?

The type of storage varies. Some closet systems include horizontal rods for hanging shirts and pants. They may also have shelves and drawers.

Customization and Extra Features

Sometimes, your needs will change, or you may require a specific layout for your closet organizer system.

Customizable organizers allow you to rearrange the layout based on your specific needs. This includes adjustable shelving or modular cube storage that can be rearranged as needed.

Other extra features include additional hardware, tie and belt racks, and other specialized storage units.

Total Size of the Closet Kits

The final consideration is the total size of the closet organizer. The average width is about 36-inches. Though, modular cube storage units and other customizable closet kits can be adjusted to create a wider or taller shelving system.

You should measure the inside of your closet or space where you’ll be placing your closet organizer. Measure the available depth of the closet, along with the width and height.

Write these measurements down on a sheet of paper so that you’ll know what to look for as you browse closet organizer reviews.

As you think about the clothes that you’ll be storing, you’ll be able to determine the size needed for your closet system.

If you’re going to hang your clothing, you may need 36-inches or more in height. For dresses, you could need a unit that is 68-inches tall. Men’s pants can measure 44-inches in length. For folded clothing, you’ll need about 10×12-inches of space.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Closet Kits

Whether you need a modular cube storage system or a mountable closet rack, remember to pay attention to these features:

  • Design and material
  • Durability
  • Type of storage
  • Weight capacity
  • Total size
  • Customization
  • Price and quality

Start by measuring your available space. Then, consider the type of clothing and accessories that you’ll be storing. Use these details to begin searching for the right wardrobe organizer.

You can search based on the design, material, and type of storage. Look for designs that match your needs, including available space and storage needs.

The final step is to look at reviews and customer feedback. This helps you learn more about the quality of your available options. You’ll be able to determine which organizers are the most durable and easily customizable.

Taking the time to compare closet kit reviews will help you narrow down your choices. Explore these reviews while examining the features that matter most to you.