Compact Size Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

Even if you have a very small space to locate your small bathtub, you can still find one that will fit your needs. Although compact bathtubs for small bathrooms are harder to find than their larger counterparts, they are still available in a range of sizes and designs.

Listed below are four small bathtubs for small bathrooms we thought were worth a mention. The table below shows the manufacturing materials and Small bathtub sizes. We have also included a short review of each product. Below the reviews are a few tips on choosing the best bathtub for your small space project.

KOHLER K-1490-X-0 Greek 4-Foot BathFine Fixtures Drop In Or Alcove White Soaking small Bathtub Bootz 011-2379-06 Honolulu Soaking BathtubFine Fixtures Small Drop In & Alcove White Soaking Bathtub
Size48" L x 32" W x 23-3/8" H54" L x 30" W x 19" H46.5'' L x 27'' W x 15.25'' H48" L x 32" W x 19" H
MaterialAcrylic FiberglassAcrylic Fiberglass Porcelain on SteelAcrylic Fiberglass
Drain IncludedNOYESNOYES
Faucet IncludedNONONONO
TypeDrop-in or AlcoveDrop-in or AlcoveAlcoveDrop-in or Alcove
DrainLeft or RightLeft or RightLeft (Also available as right drain)Left or Right

KOHLER K-1490-X-0 Greek 4-Foot Bath


Compact Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

If you’re looking for a small, deep tub, this is probably one of the best on the market. The KOHLER K-1490-X-0 Greek is the ideal bathtub for small bathrooms.

KOHLER have a reputation for producing stylish and practical products that are manufactured from high quality materials, and the K-1490-X-0 Greek is certainly does not disappoint on that front. Just by looking at the incredible Amazon reviews, you can quickly see that this tub is very well regarded.

The bathtub can be installed as either a drop-in or into an alcove, and as it does not have a tile lip or flange, it can be installed with drain either left or right.

Overall, the Kohler is one of the smallest and deepest bathtubs available. It is well designed and manufactured product that should withstand the rigors of daily use.

Dimensions: 48 inches Long x 32 inches Wide x 23-3/8 inches High



Fine Fixtures Small Soaking Bathtub for Small Bathrooms


Bathtubs for small spaces

The Fine Fixtures 4 foot 6 inch Drop in or Alcove fitted bathtub is manufactured from a high quality acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass, providing strength, durability and protection against stains and fading.

Surprisingly, the bathtub also comes with a trip lever drain, something that is very rarely included with new tubs. The inside of the tub has a spacious interior, angled backrest and a non-slip surface.

The tub can be fitted as either a drop-in or alcove and as a left or right drain, which means there is no tile flange running around the three sides of the product.

Dimensions: 54 inches Long x 30 inches Wide x 19 inches High.



Bootz 011-2379-06 Honolulu Soaking Bathtub


Small bath tubs

If space is tight the Bootz Honolulu could be the solution you are looking for. At only 46.5 inches long the tub has been specifically designed for the bathroom with limited space.

Manufactured from Porcelain on steel, the bathtub has a non-porous, glass like surface that is scratch, chemical, heat and bacteria resistant.

The Honolulu does have a tile flange lip that runs around both ends and one side of the tub, which means it can only be used to fit into an alcove and not as a drop-in. The Amazon link below is for the right hand drain tub; however, there is a left hand drain model available here.

Dimensions: 46.5 inches Long x 27 inches Wide x 15.25 inches High




Fine Fixtures Small 4′ Drop In & Alcove


Tubs for small bathrooms

Apart from the size, the Fine Fixtures 4 foot bathtub has exactly the same specifications as the 4 foot 6 inch model above.

Dimensions: 48 inches Length x 32 inches Wide x 19 inches High




Types of bathtubs for small bathrooms


Alcove Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

As the name suggests, these types of bathtubs are designed to fit within a three walled alcove. They often have a flange lip around the three edges that fit against the walls; after the bath is installed the tiles are then fitted over the flange lip to create a completely watertight seal. However, depending on the location of your existing drain and plumbing, you will need to purchase either a left or right hand drain bath.

4 foot bathtub

Faucets for alcove tubs are generally the wall type due to the fact that there is not enough room to fit the faucet to the end of the tub.

Some alcove bathtubs come with a panel skirt that covers the open part of the tub. If the panel skirt is not included they can be purchased separately or you could make your own. Many people use a board and then paint it, or you can tile it to match the rest of the bathroom.

Some bathtubs are advertised as both “alcove” and “drop-in” placement. These bathtubs will generally not have the seal flange lip that the alcove types have. The best way to seal the “no flange lip” tubs is to purchase a universal tile bead kit or run a line of silicone between the bottom of the tile and the bath.

Tip: If you are going to silicone seal around the bath, test fit the bath first and when you’re sure it is in the correct position, run a line of silicone around the three edges that go against the wall. Smooth any excess that squeezes out above the bath, and fill any gaps. Half fill the bath with water and let the silicone cure for 24 hours, sit the bottom row of tiles on narrow 2-3mm spacers. When the tiles have set, remove or push the spacers in to the back of the tile. Once again, half fill the bath with water and run a bead of silicone into the 2-3mm gap, drain the bath after 24 hours. This will give you a double seal that will prevent any leaks.



Drop-in Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

Drop-in bathtubs are designed to be dropped into an enclosure or frame. Frames are often made from wood and then tiled to match the rest of the bathroom. Drop-in bathtubs are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Small bathtub sizes

If you don’t already have a frame to drop the tub into, you will have to build the framework, which can work out to be quite expensive. However, once built, they do look very elegant. Faucets for drop-in tubs can be surface mounted on the framework.

Because a drop-in tub is installed in a frame, the drain side can be either left or right, giving you more choice when choosing a tub.

Small Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms – Overview:

If you are creating a new bathroom in a small space, carrying out a remodel of your old bathroom or making room for a shower unit, the cheapest and easiest way to fit your new bathtub is in an alcove.

If you don’t have an alcove or you prefer the look of a drop-in tub, the frame is really not that difficult to construct. If you are covering the frame with tiles, it doesn’t even need to look nice, as long as it is a sturdy construction it will do just fine. As soon as the tiles go on, it will be transformed into an expensive looking surround for your new tub.

The type and size of tub you choose all depends on the space available and the position you want the tub to be located.