Golf Bag Storage Rack Reviews

Golf equipment organizers are a great way of keeping the garage space tidy.  With a golf bag storage rack, all of the equipment can be organized into a neat and logical order.

Bags, balls, tees, gloves and shoes can all be allocated their own dedicated space to allow for easy access, whilst at the same time, keeping them off the floor, and away from bugs and damp conditions.

All of the golf bag storage racks below need to be assembled, and due to the size of the product, it is advisable to have two people assist with the assembly.


Golf Bag Storage Reviews



Suncast GO3216 Golf Organizer

Golf bag storage


  • Golf bag storage organizer
  • For golf bags, clubs, and accessories
  • Stores two golf bags
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Strong metal construction

The Suncast GO3216 Golf Organizer is an excellent product for storing bags and accessories.

With external dimensions of 32″ Wide, 37″ High and 17 ½” Deep, the GO3216 should take two standard golf bags. Although, you should measure your golf bags to ensure they will fit into the 20 ½ inch wide bag storage area.

Golf accessories, such as balls, tees,  gloves and shoes can be stored in the side shelves, which, from bottom to top, have depths of  16″ 14″ 12″ and 9 ½”.

With a 150Lbs maximum weight limit, the Suncast is quite a robust golf storage rack. And, with adjustable feet, the rack can be levelled to accommodate an uneven floor.


Overall the Suncast GO3216 is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also very functional. Definitely one of the better golf storage racks on the market and well worth considering.





Metal Two Bag Golf Organizer

Metal golf organizer

The metal two bag golf organizer is constructed from strong, corrosion resistant metal that makes the whole golf storage rack very rigid.

The width between the bag storage areas is 12″ and the overall dimensions are 38″ Wide x 16″ Depth x 36″ High. Adjustable feet enable the golf club storage rack to be levelled.

In the middle of the rack are three wire baskets, with the top one being deeper than the other two, making it ideal for golf balls. There are also four metal hooks for hanging items on.


The metal two bag golf organizer is well designed product that will allow you to get your golfing gear organized quickly and easily.

The only downside is the poor assembly instructions, although, by looking at the images on Amazon, it quickly becomes clear where all the parts are supposed to go.

Even with the poor instructions, this is still a very solid golf organizer and worth checking out.





JJ International Golf Bag Organizer

Golf organizer for garage use

Golf club storage rack

The JJ International golf club storage rack is available as a single or double organizer. The single model measures 33 H x 23 W x 16 D and has a bag storage width of 11 ¾ inches. The double measures 37” H x 34” W x 16” D and has a bag storage area of 23 ½ inches

Both models have wire racks for storing accessories and a wire mesh base.  The frame itself is manufactured from powder coated square steel.

Unlike the some of the other models in this review, the sides and back of the unit on the JJ international do not have any reinforcing mesh.


Once again, the instructions are very poor, so be prepared to take some time to figure out where all the parts go and in what order.

Apart from the poor instructions, the golf bag storage rack does what it’s intended to do, and does it very well.


Golf organizer for garage use


Golf club storage rack




Golf, Gifts, & Gallery 457 Metal Golf Bag Organizer

Golf bag rack

The Golf, Gifts, & Gallery 457 Metal Golf Bag Organizer has the largest golf bag storage areas out of all those reviewed, and at 13″ wide it will take the majority of stand bags and most golf cart bags.

The 457 golf organizer has a tubular steel frame, sheet steel floor and shelves and wire mesh on the sides and center rear sections. Two semi-circular tubes also connect the center section to the back and sides, which makes the organizer quite rigid when bolted together.

With five storage areas, and an overall size of 39 ¾” H x 36″ W x 15″ D, the rack offers plenty of room for all types bags, golfing accessories and clothing.


And again, the main complaint regarding the Golf, Gifts, & Gallery 457 is about the poor instructions. Although, most reviewers did state that it was still easy to assemble.

For those with larger cart bags, the 457 provides ample room to easily fit them into the spaces provided.

For a relatively cheap golf organizer, the product is certainly very good value for money.



Tips for Choosing a Golf Bag Rack

Choosing a golf bag storage rack is much like buying any other sort of garage storage device, whether it be a garden tool organizer or bike storage rack, the principals are the same.

By deciding what items are going to be stored in the rack you can then decide on the size of the rack required, number of shelves or baskets and the overall design.

Listed below are some points that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a golf organizer.

  • Golf Bag Size
  • Overall Dimensions of the Rack
  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Assembly


Golf Bag Size

As you probably know, golf bags come in a wide range of sizes. So, it is very important to measure your bag(s) to ensure they will comfortably fit into the rack.

Most of the double racks listed above will accommodate two carry bags or stand bags. It’s only when you have large cart bags that the size of the storage area might become a problem.

Overall Dimension of the Golf Bag Storage Rack

If space is tight the overall dimensions of the rack should be checked to ensure the product will fit into the designated area.

Build Quality

The best way to check the build quality and overall sturdiness of the product is to read the Amazon reviews. These have been posted by people who have actually purchased the product, and will give you a good idea of the pros and cons of the item.

Ease of assembly

Most of the complaints from reviewers regarding the golf racks are due to the poor instructions, with some just offering a single sheet of paper with a couple of diagrams on it.

If the instructions are very poor, download images of the product from Amazon. This will give you at least some idea of how the finished product should look.

Below are a few tips to bear in mind when building a rack.

  • As mentioned above, it is so much easier to build the rack when you have someone to help you.
  • Read the instructions and then read them again.
  • Lay out all the pieces and check you have the correct parts and fixings.
  • Count the parts and fixings to ensure you have the correct quantity.
  • Check all components for any damage.
  • Build the rack on a flat covered surface.
  • Leave all the fixings loose until the rack is fully built, then tighten them all. This will ensure that if any of the holes are slightly out of line, you will be able to move it into line.

The bottom line is that you should carefully consider the size of bags to be loaded into the golf bag storage rack, the size of the product and the overall quality.

By using the above tips and reading the reviews you should be able to choose the perfect golf rack to suit your needs.