L Shape Bunk Beds Review – Save Space with the Twin Over Full Loft Bed

Looking for new bedding for your kids or a guest room? Whether you’re short on space or don’t like the idea of a traditional bunk bed, then you should take a moment to learn more about L-shaped bunk beds.

Start with this twin-over-full loft bed from Discovery World Furniture.

If you’re in the market for new bedding, check out the rest of this review as I explore the main features…

L shaped bunk beds

Primary Features of the Discovery World Furniture L-Shaped Bunk Beds

Unlike a typical bunk bed, the lower bed of the L-shaped bunk beds are perpendicular to the upper bunk – creating an “L” shape if you were to look down on the bed from above. This allows for a larger lower bed.

In this case, you’re getting a full-sized bed with a twin-size bed above it. But, that’s not all. The framework of the upper bunk includes storage space. This includes a full bookshelf and chest.

The twin over full loft bed is intended for children’s bedroom. Though, it’s also a great choice for a guest room. You can easily accommodate several guests.


  • Twin size bed
  • Full-size bed on casters
  • Bookshelf with 4 shelves
  • Chest with 6 drawers
  • Ladder with 5 rungs
  • Rich Merlot Lacquer or Honey Finish
  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Easy Glide Drawers
  • Reversible Storage – left or right
  • Angled Ladder


  • The overall dimensions are 64″ high x 80″ long x 80″ deep
  • Space between the lower bunk and bottom bed is 31″
  • Lower bed is 80″ long
  • Space in where the lower bed fits is 61″ wide
  • Distance from the floor to the bottom of the top rail is 48″
  • The bed, with the casters attached is 12-1/2 inches from the floor
  • 6 drawers 25″ wide x 15″ deep x 4-3/4″ high

Quality Loft Bed Design with Chest and Bookshelf

When shopping for furniture, the first thing that I look at is the overall design. I liked the idea that instead of two bunks of equal size, the lower bunk can fit a full-size mattress.

The advantage of this is that if you’ve got one child, they can enjoy a full-sized mattress. And, there’s a twin-size bed available for sleepovers.

The L-shaped bunk beds

design is enough reason to consider this bunk bed from Discovery World Furniture. But, they added a few other cool features – the chest and the bookshelf.

The side of the upper bunk contains the chest and a bookshelf. This design makes good use of available space, to provide you with extra storage.

The bookshelf has 4 shelves that are accessible from both sides. 2 of these shelves are adjustable. So, your kids have a spot to store books and toys.

Next to the bookshelf are 6 European roller glide drawers. They’re spacious and easy to open and close. Your little ones will have no problem storing clothes or toys in the upper drawers.

This extra storage space is great. And, you can reverse the design. You can place the chest to the left or the right of the drawers.

Sturdy Design Ensures Safety and Stability

If someone will be sleeping on an upper bunk, safety is always a concern. When you shop for heavy duty bunk beds, make sure the upper bunk includes a safety rail. This twin over full bed includes a double rail, with wide beams, to prevent accidents.

Solid Wood Construction

Along with this safety feature, the Discovery World Furniture L-shaped bunk beds are well-built. And, constructed from quality pine wood with either a merlot or Honey finish.

All the pieces feel durable and thick. They all fit nicely into each other, as described in the assembly instructions. When all is done, the solid wood construction adds weight to the design. It is built to last.

L-shaped bunk beds

Some Assembly is Required

Obviously, a bed kit as large as this one will require some assembly. Luckily, the assembly process is relatively easy. The entire kit should come in 5 boxes, averaging about 50 pounds each.

If you struggle with furniture instructions, take your time. Start by clearing out the area where you’ll be assembling the bed. You want plenty of room to assemble the pieces.

Next, find the instruction manual and ensure nothing is missing. Going through the list of parts will make it easier to follow the assembly instructions, as you’ll have inspected each piece.

Removable Ladder – Safe for Toddlers

The ladder is removable. You have the option of using screws to secure the ladder. But, it already has hooks to keep it in place. Several customers have mentioned that their young children have no problem climbing the 5 rungs to get to the upper bunk.

The Lower Bed Is Placed on Casters

The lower bed is on casters. If you don’t like the idea of one person sleeping directly below the other, you can move the lower bed away.

The casters on the bottom bed are optional, although, they do enable it to be easily moved for cleaning, bed making or to make a play area for children. The one downside to having the casters fitted is that they do not lock, and if placed on a wooden floor the bed can move around. This can be overcome by using caster cups.

Pros and Cons of the L-Shaped Bunk Beds

While reviewing the main features of the Discovery World Furniture loft bed, most of the advantages become apparent. This includes:L shaped loft bed

  • Sturdy design with solid wood construction
  • Storage space – the bookshelves and 6 drawers
  • Beautiful merlot lacquer finish – also available in honey
  • Reversible chest – place to the left or right of the drawers
  • Removable ladder
  • Stylish design that will look great in any room

That covers most of the advantages. There are just a couple minor drawbacks. This includes:

  • The assembly process
  • Does not include mattresses

As mentioned, some assembly is required. While the assembly process is complicated, the instructions aren’t entirely clear. You will need to take your time and not rush the process. One customer mentioned that it took about 2 ½ hours to complete.

Also, this kit does not include the mattresses or bedding. Though, this is standard. These types of bed sets don’t usually include the bedding. But, they are mattress-ready.

Conclusion – Should You Get this Twin Over Full L-Shaped Bunk Bed?

If you want a twin over full L-shaped bunk bed with storage, add this bed to your list of choices.

It’s got what you’d expect from a high-quality L-shaped loft bed. Solid wood, rich merlot or Honey finish, and a beautiful design. It’s well-built and easy to assemble. That’s what you get with the twin over full L-shaped bunk beds from Discovery World Furniture.

Merlot Finish

L shaped bunk beds

Honey Finish

L shaped beds