Low Loft Bed for Kids

The low loft bed for kids is not only a great space saving solution for small rooms, it also allows you to use the space underneath the bed for storage a or a play area.

The main selling point of the low height loft bed is that they are lower than a standard loft bed or bunk beds, and are a lot safer for small children.

Another reason that people choose a low loft bed is the height between the bed and the ceiling. If you have low ceilings or objects such as fans and lights in the chosen area, a low loft bed will allow you to place the bed without having to worry about your child hitting their head.

The only downside to the low loft bed is the height under the bed. The space may be suitable a play area for young children, however, if you are planning to put a mattress in there, head room will be very limited. One way round this is to have the lower mattress in an “L-Shape” configuration, sleeping with feet under the top bunk.

In this review we have chosen three of the best low profile loft beds that offer very different options in terms of design and price.

Low Loft Beds For Kids – Comparison

Canwood Whistler DHP JuniorDonco kids
CherryLow loft bed for childrenLow loft bed with slide
DimensionsWidth: 79.37"
Depth: 42.09" (43 7/8" Inc Ladder)
Height: 45.67"
Width: 78.15"
Depth: 42"
Height: 49.6"
Width: 78"
Depth: 41" - 91" Deep with slide
Height: 43"
Ladder(s)1 x Vertical (front)1 x Angled (front)1 x Verticle (Front)
Weight Limit165 lbs
200 lbs160 lbs
Available ColorsCherry, Espresso, Natural and WhiteBlack or SilverWhite Frame
Tent Colors: Pink, Blue, Red Camouflage and Zebra
Price Range$$$ $$$
Our Rating4.7/54.6/54.8/5
. . .


Canwood Whistler Junior Loft Bed

Canwood whistler junior loft bed main


The Canwood Whistler junior loft bed is available in Cherry, Espresso, Natural and White, with the Espresso model being slightly cheaper than the other three.

Being manufactured from high quality pine wood and composites give the low loft bed its strength and durability, which meets the US and Canadian Safety Standards.

The finish of the Canwood Whistler is very good, with no sharp edges or corners to harm the young ones. The only comment that some people made is in regard to the smell, which can be quite strong for the first couple of days.

Although the instructions do indicate that the ladder can be moved to the opposite side, there are no holes to accommodate it. So, if you do want the ladder on the right, you will have to drill the holes yourself.

Mattress Sizes:

Standard Mattress – 37 ½ – 38 ½ inches wide x 74 – 75 inches long, and to comply to the safety rail height standards, no thicker than 8 inches.

Recommended mattresses:




Available Colors










As with most “build it yourself” furniture, the Canwood Whistler Junior Loft Bed instructions are images with no written assembly process to follow. Although, the pictures are clear and concise enough to enable two people to build the bed in under an hour.

With all the parts being marked to correspond with the instructions, this is probably one of the easier beds to assemble. The only thing to pay attention to are the screw sizes and to make sure you put the correct length screws into the appropriate locations.

Some reviewers have mentioned that the bed has a slight wobble, while others have said it is rock solid. If you do find the product to have a wobble, one reviewer has posted a great solution here.


Assembled:  45.67 inches High x 79.37 inches Length x 42.09 inches Wide (43 7/8 inches wide including the ladder)

Space under the bed: From floor to bottom of rail is 28.5″ and from floor to underside of bed slats is 30″

Distance between the right edge of the ladder and the front right leg is 61.5″

Width from inside leg to inside leg is 37.5″ on ends

Item Weight: 84.9 pounds


For a low loft bed, the Canwood is a great choice. At this price it is amazing value for money and a real bargain.





DHP Junior Low Loft Bed

Low metal loft bed


The DHP low loft bed is an ideal choice for those that have low ceilings and need space for a play area or storage, or if you are worried about your child being high off the ground.

 Designed to be a safe height for children, whilst at the same time being high enough to make the space under the bed useable, the DHP is a cheap and practical product that provides a secure sleeping space and enough room to place storage cabinets or even another mattress.

The metal rung ladder is place at an angle, which makes it a lot safer than the vertical type of ladder. Although the ladders rungs are tubular and could cause discomfort to the feet, many reviewers have stated that they used pool noodles or foam pipe cover to pad the rungs. The ladder is in a fixed position and cannot be moved from the right hand side of the product.

Mattress Size:

Standard twin mattress – 74 – 75 inches long x 37-1/2 – 38-1/2 inches wide. To comply with consumer safety standards there should be a minimum of 5 inches of safety rail above the mattress. A six inch thick mattress is recommended.

Due to the amount of mattress support slats (22) and the support connectors running down the center, a memory foam mattress can be used.

Recommended mattresses:





Building the DHP low loft bed is very straight forward and should take no longer than 2 hours. All of the parts are labeled for easy identification.

Assembly tips:

  • Lay out all of the parts, check for damage and that you have the correct quantity
  • Read the instructions carefully and identify where all the parts go
  • Use lock tight on all screws to stop them working their way loose

Use a small 1/4″ ratchet with a hex bit as opposed to the supplied Allen wrench. This will not only lessen the assembly time, it will also reduce the possibility of over-tightening the bolts

Leave all the bolts loose until the product is completely built. This will allow you to move the framework into position if the holes are slightly out of line

Dhp junior loft bed


Overall: 78.15″ W x 42 inches” D x 49.6″ H (depth with ladder is 54″)

Height from floor to underside of bed is 36.5″

Inside pole to inside pole measurement is 74.5 inches Wide

Weight limit is 200lbs

Weight: 64.5lbs


The DHP low loft bed is an excellent, low cost, space saving solution that is well designed and very sturdy.

Overall, the Junior Loft Bunk is an excellent value for money product that we highly recommend.



Donco kids Twin Loft Bed with Slide and Tent

Pink loft bed main


The Donco Kids Twin Loft Bed with Slide and Tent is available in a range of tent colors; Pink, Blue, Red Camouflage and Zebra. The children’s bunk beds also come with an integrated wooden ladder, and slide.

Manufactured from solid pine makes the Donco very strong, sturdy and squeak free, which is great if you have an active child or a restless sleeper.

Although the bed is quite small, the play area beneath the bed is large enough to put another twin mattress for sleepovers.

The product is finished to a very high standard, with all the wood sanded smooth and coated to prevent splinters and sharp edges.

Both the slide and ladder are in fixed positions and cannot be moved. What you see in the photos is where they have to be fixed, although, the slide can be left off completely if required. So, before purchasing make sure to measure the space you have and check those dimensions against the sizes below.

Mattress Sizes:

Standard twin mattress: No more than 8 inches thick.

Recommended mattresses:





There are a lot of parts to this bed, and even though the parts are not labeled to match up with the instructions, they are fairly easy to identify. Once you have sorted out which part is which, stick some paper masking tape or a post-it note on them and write the part letter on it. This will drastically speed up the assembly process.

The parts you need to be careful of identifying correctly are the front and back legs. The back two legs have extra holes near the top to accommodate the top two sides and rear safety rails. Obviously, the front two legs do not have the top rails at the front as there are gaps for the ladder and slide.

Loft bed with ladder and slide

The only other part to take care in identifying is the front bottom rail that has holes in it to attach the front safety rail.

With 38 hex head bolts and 35 Philips head screws to insert, it may be worth investing in a small ratchet and Allen/Philips bit, or an electric drill driver to speed up the installation. Whichever you choose, be sure to leave all the fixings loose and tighten them with a hand operated Allen key and screwdriver when you have everything put together.



43″ H x 78″ x L x 41 D (91″ Deep with slide attached)

Clearance under bed is 28.5″

Weight Limit 160lbs

Weight: 81lbs

Available Colors

Low profile bunk beds



Full low loft bed


Camo low loft bed


Blue low height loft bed



The main complaint regarding the Donco Kids Twin Loft Bed is that the adhesive Velcro pads that fix the tent to the bed keep coming off. Although, many reviewers have posted fixes for this, including stapling the pads on and using glue to secure them.

Even with this minor annoyance, the loft bed is an excellent space saving product that is sturdy, well made, and if you take your time identifying the parts, fairly easy to assemble.

Overall, at this price, the Donco Kids Twin Loft Bed with Slide and Tent is a bargain and well worth checking out.



Low Loft Bed for Kids – A Buying Guide

As you can see by the reviews above, there are a wide variety of designs and colors available, and choosing that will suit your room space, décor and individual requirements may at first seem to be a complex problem, although, by following the buying guide below, you can quickly narrow down your choices, allowing you to find the perfect low loft bed for kids.

Points to Consider:

  • Dimensions
  • Mattress Size
  • Accessories
  • Assembly
  • Quality

Overall Dimensions:

Measure the area you plan to put the bed in, and compare those dimensions against the ones in the above reviews.

If the product has an end ladder, remember to leave enough room for the child to get in and out of the bed.

If the bed comes with a slide, add the length of the slide to the dimensions. Also allow a few feet from the end of the slide to avoid injury.

Low loft beds have limited space underneath, which may be ok for young children, but may be a head bumping hazard for older or taller children, although, the space can be used for storage as opposed to a play area.

Mattress Size:

None of the beds in our reviews come with a mattress or bedding. These need to be purchased separately.

Always take note of the manufacturers recommended mattress size, especially the thickness. Choosing a mattress that is thicker than that stated by the manufacturer will reduce the height to the top of the safety rail, which should be a minimum of 5 inches.


Some manufacturers offer accessories such as curtain sets for their low loft beds. DHP (Dorel Home Products) have a range of curtains to fit their low loft bed for kids, these include; Princess Castle, Fantasy Loft and Fire Department sets.

If you do want any accessories, make sure to check that the bed comes with them or that they are available to purchase online.

Princess castle

Fire department


Most bunk or loft beds will require assembly. So, if you are not comfortable with assembling the product, ask a friend or neighbor to help out.

Overall, most of the beds featured above are quite easy to build, and we have tried to give as many assembly tips as possible in the reviews.

Overall Quality:

Assessing the overall quality of the low loft bed for kids can be done by reading the user reviews on Amazon.com.

These are real reviews from people that have actually purchased the product. What better recommendation can you get than that from someone who owns a product?

If you have a query regarding a particular aspect of the bed, ask the question on Amazon and wait for the answers to come back.

Final Thoughts:

We hope this low loft bed for kids review article has helped you to choose the perfect bed for your particular needs, and remember to take your time and read the reviews.