Skateboard Racks

Skateboard racks are a great way of storing and displaying your boards. If you are you are tired of tripping over Skateboards or Snowboards, the Skateboard rack will enable you to clear the clutter and get those boards off the floor. Skateboard racks

In addition to holding standard Skateboards, some of the Skateboard racks featured below can also accommodate wakeboards, snowboards, kiteboards, longboards, wakeskates, skimboards, pennyboards and waveboards. Please check the dimension of the rack and read the Amazon reviews before ordering.


Types of Skateboard Racks

There are two main types of Skateboard rack on the market; the wall mounted variety and the floor standing type. Both have their advantages and disadvantages:

Wall Mounted Skateboard Racks:


If you have limited floor space, a wall mounted rack will be the ideal solution to your Skateboard storage problems.


If, in your experience, DIY stands for “Destroy It Yourself”, then a wall mounted rack probably won’t be the best option. These types of racks need to be fixed to the wall with screws, and if you have little or no experience of using a drill, you will probably want to go for one of the free standing models instead. Also, if the rack needs to be moved for any reason, you will have to drill new holes.

Floor Standing Skateboard Racks:


For those with plenty of floor space, the free standing rack is the obvious choice. This type of rack can be moved to wherever you want it, and there are no messy holes to cover-up afterwards.


As mentioned above, you will need plenty of floor space, as some of the multiple board racks are quite large. The only other disadvantage is that most free standing racks are of a fixed width, which means that you can’t space them apart to fit your boards.

Wall Mounted Skateboard Storage


COR Surf Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack

Cor surf skateboard rack

If your preference is for stylish good looks and simple design, the Bamboo Skateboard wall Rack by “COR Surf” would be the perfect choice.

Manufactured from Eco friendly Bamboo, the “COR Surf” skateboard rack is not only pleasing to the eye it also does what it’s supposed to do, hold a board.

With only two screws, the rack is very easy to install. Just position it where you want and screw it to the wall.

Rack Dimensions:

  • 7″ tall and 8″ wide

The COR rack comes with a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee, what more could you want?





StoreYourBoard 3 Board Skateboard Rack

Storeyourboard wall mounted board storage rack

The ”Storeyourboard” 3 board Skateboard storage rack is manufactured from ABS plastic, which may, at first glance, seem a little flimsy, however, when the rack is screwed to the wall, it is very rigid and strong. If you do prefer a metal rack, ”Storeyourboard” also manufacture a 4 board model that can be viewed below this Skateboard Rack Review.

The simple but effective design allows you to set the width of the rack to whatever you want, giving more flexibility regarding the products it will hold, allowing the storage of not only Skateboards, but also items such as Fishing Rods, Skis and Scooters.

Rack Dimensions:Storeyourboard skateboard wall hanger

  • Length =16.5″
  • Each rung of the rack is 6.5″ long to accommodate any skateboard design
  • 5.5″ spacing between rungs
  • Holds up to 45 lbs. of total gear

Screws and drywall anchors are included with the product.

Overall, this board rack isn’t what you would call “pleasing to the eye”, but it is a practical and relatively inexpensive solution to Skateboard storage.





4boarder DOUBLE Board Rack Wall Mount

4boarder double board rack

The 4boarder double board rack looks like something straight out of a Modern Art Gallery. When you combine the stylish and futuristic design with a transparent Acrylic material, the result is a product that can blend seamlessly with just about any home décor.

  • Dimensions in cm 30×16.5×18.5 (HxWxD)4boarder double snowboard rack
  • Slots are 4cm wide
  • 8 mm transparent acrylic glass (supplied with protective foil)
  • One piece construction not glued and joined
  • 4 holes for attaching the holder
  • Includes fasteners
  • Comes with “4boarder” logo which is removable

Overall, a very nice piece of wall art that is super strong and very functional.







Floor Standing Skateboard Storage


San Diego Woodworking Sk8Rak 6 Board Skateboard Rack

San diego woodworking sk8rak 6 board skateboard rack

Sk8rak 6 board skateboard rack

And now for something completely different! The San Diego Woodworking Sk8Rak 6 Board Skateboard Rack can be wall mounted or free-standing, giving you plenty of flexibility when deciding on a location.

Just by looking at the materials used in construction and the finish of the rack, you can quickly see that this is a very high quality product.

It’s the little touches, like the storage drawer with a wheel as a handle and the hooks on either side of the rack that set it apart from the competition.

The pre-drilled holes ensure the Sk8Rak can be assembled in minutes using just a Phillips screwdriver.

Although the product is quite expensive, you do get what you pay for, and in this case it’s an outstanding board rack that should withstand many years of sustained use.

The Sk8Rak Skateboard Racks are available in 3, 4 or 6 board models.


36.0″H 11.5″W 11.5″D

Sk8rak 3 board skateboard rack

Sk8Rak 3 Board Rack


Sk8rak 4 board skateboard rack

Sk8Rak 4 Board Rack


San diego woodworking sk8rak 6 board skateboard rack

Sk8Rak 6 Board Rack






Skateboard Storage, Display, & Organizer – Portable Stand

Parking block

The Parking Block Skateboard Stand Holds a single board either vertically or horizontally. No need for assembly or wall mounting, just place it on the floor and you are done.

To the rear of the board holder slot is a handy storage area for items such as wheels, tools, and bearings.

Overall, if you want a skateboard holder without the hassle of assembly or drilling and mounting, at this price, the Parking Block is certainly one to consider.





“Pro Board Racks” Skateboard Snowboard Longboard Floor Display Rack

Pro board racks

Pro board racks free standing board display stand

The “Pro Board Racks” floor display and storage stand can accommodate up to seven boards. It is a very solid product, and the choice of many Trade Show exhibitors and board shops.

Assembly couldn’t be easier, just snap the two cross beams into the sides and you are ready to display your prize boards.

If you are in the market for a top of the range, free-standing board storage rack, this is definitely one to add to the shortlist.

Dimensions: 48″ tall, 18″ deep, 16″ wide

Overall, the “Pro Board Racks” display stand is an extremely sturdy, functional and aesthetically pleasing product that would look good wherever it is sited.