Twin over Full Bunk Bed Reviews

The twin over full bunk bed is one of the most popular configurations of bunk beds available, and in this twin over full bunk bed review we take a look at four of the most popular models.

All of the beds take standard size twin and full mattresses, and are moderately easy to assemble with no special tools required.

So, why did we choose these particular twin over full models to compare and review? Well, we wanted to provide as wide a variety of prices, construction materials and designs as possible.

  • Price: The bunk beds below range in price from under $200 to under $700.
  • Materials: Out of the four reviews, two are metal and two are solid wood.
  • Reviews: All of the beds have received good reviews on multiple websites.


Please note: The Bunk Beds featured below DO NOT come with any mattresses or bedding

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Dorel Home Products Your Zone Premium Dorel Living Brady Bunk BedDiscovery World Furniture
DimensionsWidth: 78"
Depth: 56.5"
Height: 61.5"
Width: 78"
Depth: 56.5"
Height: 63"
Width: 79.25"
Depth: 69.5"
Height: 64.75"
Depth: 57"
Height: 66"
MaterialMetalMetalSolid WoodSolid Wood
Ladder(s)2 x Vertical
1 on Either End
1 x Angled1 x Angled1 x Angled
Weight LimitsUpper bunk - 200 lbs
Lower bunk - 450 lbs
Upper bunk - 200 lbs
Lower bunk - 400 lbs
Upper bunk - 165 lbs
Lower bunk - 165 lbs
400 lbs of distributed weight
Available ColorsBlack, Silver or WhiteBlack and SilverBlue, Black, Espresso and White Honey, Espresso and Merlot
Price Range$$$$$$$$$$
Our Rating4/54/54.5/54.7/5
. . . With Drawers:
Honey & Espresso

With Trundle:




Dorel Home Products Twin Over Full Bunk Bed


White twin over full bunk bed

The DHP (Dorel Home Products) twin over full metal bunk bed is a low cost and robust product that would be a great, space saving addition to any size bedroom.

Available in Black, Silver or White, the style of the DHP bunk bed means it will complement any type of existing room décor.

Having the ladders at either end of the bed, as opposed to the front, means that the bottom bunk is easily accessible, however, it also means that you will need enough space, either left or right, to climb the ladder.

Mattress Sizes:

Top Bunk: Standard twin mattress – 74 – 75 inches long x 37-1/2 – 38-1/2 inches wide, and a recommended thickness of 6 inches.

Bottom Bunk: Standard full mattress – 74 – 75 inches long x 53-1/2 – 54-1/2 inches wide.

The distance from the bottom bunk bed slats to the underneath of the top bunk rail is 35.5 inches. To calculate how much head room you will have when choosing a mattress for the lower bunk, subtract the height of the mattress from 35.5 inches.


Width:  78″

Depth:  56.5″

Height: 61.5″

Weight: 92.5 lbs

Metal twin over full bunk bed

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Once again, the instructions could have been better, but they are understandable, and quite easy to follow.

Included in the kit are an Allen hex wrench and a flat spanner. The only other tool you will need is a Philips screwdriver.

Build time will vary, although, most people will be able to complete the assembly within 1-2 hours, with most of the time being taken up by fitting the 44 mattress support slats.

White twin over full bunk bed

Twin over full metal bunk bed

Silver metal bunk bed


For a low price bunk bed, the overall design, finish and stability of the DHP is extremely good. Even the weight limits (top bunk 200lbs – lower bunk 450lbs) are on par with some of the more expensive models on the market.

Overall, if you are on looking for a value for money bunk bed, the DHP is one of the better models available.




Your Zone Premium Twin over Full Bunk Bed


Twin over full silver bunk bed

The Your Zone Premium Twin over Full Bunk Bed features a very strong design while still remaining pleasing to the eye.

Built from a thick, metal box section, makes the whole product sturdy and wobble free, which is always a bonus if you have active children.

The design of the ladder, angled and not vertical, makes it a lot easier to get in and out of the top bunk. The rungs on the ladder are fairly thin and could cause discomfort if climbing it in bare feet, although, some reviewers stated that adding pipe insulation to the rungs easily resolved this problem.

The bed is available in both Black and Silver, with the latter being more of a matt or dull grey color as opposed to a shiny finish.

Steel rod mattress supports are located 3 inches apart, and as such, no box springs or additional supports are required.

Mattress Sizes:

Top bunk: Standard size twin mattress, no thicker than 6-7 inches to comply with bunk bed safety recommendations of a minimum 5 inch safety rail.

Bottom bunk: Standard size full mattress.

The height of the safety rail, from the mattress supports to the top of the safety rail on the top bunk is 12.5 inches. So, the maximum thickness of 6-7 inches would leave 6.5-5.5 inches of the safety rail above the mattress.

The height from the mattress support slats on the bottom bunk to the bottom rail on the top bunk is 37 inches. So, deducting your bottom bunk mattress height from 37 inches will give you the head room when sitting on the bottom bunk. Obviously, the thicker the bottom mattress, the less head room you will have.

Your zone twin over full bunk bed (silver)


Due to the weight and size of the parts, assembly is definitely a two person job. The actual construction itself is fairly simple, with the most time consuming part being the installation of the many mattress support slats.

Once again, a ratchet or drill driver with an Allen key bit would greatly reduce the assembly time.


Overall Dimensions: 78″W x 56.5″D x 63″H

Weight Limits: Top bunk can hold 200lbs and the bottom bunk can hold 400lbs.


The Your Zone Premium Twin over Full Bunk Bed is a very sturdy product that offers plenty of room for both children and adults alike.

Unlike some of the Bunk Beds available, the instructions were quite good, with the average build time being between 2 and 4 hours.

Overall, the Twin over Full Bunk Bed is an excellent product that combines modern design with great functionality.



Dorel Living Brady Bunk Bed – Twin Over Full


Twin over full wood bunk bed


The Dorel Living Brady Bunk Bed, twin over full is available in Blue, Black, Espresso and White finishes.

The Brady can be built either as a bunk bed or two single beds, and whichever configuration you choose, being manufactured from solid wood, you can be sure the bed will remain very sturdy and stable.

A six step, angled ladder allows for easy access to the top bunk. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the top bunk should only be used by children over 6 years old.

Mattress sizes:

Only coil spring mattresses are to be used on both bunk levels.

Recommended mattress sizes are;

Top Bunk: Standard size twin mattress 74″-75″ Long and 37-1/2″ to 38-1/2″ Wide, and a maximum of 6″ thick.

Bottom Bunk: Standard size full mattress 74″-75″ Long and 53″-54″ Wide.

Just be aware that the thicker the bottom mattress the less head room you will have when sitting on the bottom bunk.

Although the manufacturers do state that the beds have been designed to accommodate a mattress without a box spring, the support slats do seem to be quite far apart. However, if you consider this to be a problem, a plywood board placed over the slats would be an easy fix.

Single bunk beds


Overall: 64.75″ H x 79.25″ W x 69.5″ D

Headboard: 33.6″ H x 57.9″ W

Footboard: 33.6″ H x 57.9″ W

Bottom of Lower Bunk to Floor: 14.75″

Distance Between Top and Bottom Bunk: 31″

Side Rail Length: 60.03″


Amazingly enough, the instructions are very clear and laid out in a step-by-step order that walks you through the entire assembly process. Every part is labeled to coincide with the pictures and written instructions in the assembly manual.

White wooden bunk beds

Wooden bunk beds

Twin over full wood bunk bed

Black wooden bunk bed


The Brady twin over full bunk bed is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also a versatile and functional product.

If you are looking for a space saving solution that won’t break the bank, the Dorel Living Brady Bunk Bed is well worth checking out.




Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Bunk Bed with 3 Drawer Storage or Trundle


Bunk beds with drawers


In this review we will be taking a look at two models of the Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Bunk Beds. Both beds are identical in every way apart from the fact that the 2118-2192 models have 3 drawers and the 2818-2890 models have a pull-out trundle bed.

Being manufactured from solid wood, as opposed to veneer, does make the beds very sturdy and virtually wobble free. The finish, which is available in 3 colors, looks very classy.

A big bonus is the fact that the ladder can be fitted either left or right and is angled outwards, which makes getting up to and down from the top bunk much easier and safer than the models with a vertical type of ladder.

Bunk bed with trundle

Mattress Sizes:

Top Bunk: Standard twin – To comply with Guardrail safety standards, the manufacturer recommends that a Mattress of no more than 9 inches be used

Bottom Bunk: Standard full

Trundle: Standard twin – Manufacturer recommends that a mattress of no more than 6 inches be used



As with many of the bunk beds available, the instructions are diagrams with no actual written assembly details, however, they are very easy to follow and quite self-explanatory.

Most reviewers stated that the assembly was very easy, with the build time varying between 1 and 2 hours. 


78 inches Long x 57 inches Wide x 66 inches High

Bunk beds with drawers

Twin over full bunk beds with drawers

Best bunk bed


With the option of having either a trundle or storage drawers, and with the ability to separate the beds, the Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Bunk Beds really are very versatile and offer lots of different configurations.

Overall, the bunk beds are excellent quality and very good value for money.

With Drawers: Honey & Espresso

With Drawers: Merlot

With Trundle: All Colors