Twin over Twin Bunk Beds

Twin over Twin Bunk Beds are an ideal space saving option for any small bedroom where space is at a premium.

Primarily used for children, twin over twin bunk beds provide a secure sleeping space for the young ones, whilst at the same time saving valuable floor space that can be utilized as a play area or for more beds.

We chose the four bunk beds below due to the fact that they offer excellent value for money, have a range of different features and have good reviews on multiple websites.

If you are looking for a larger type bed, read our Twin over Full Bunk Bed reviews post here.


Twin over Twin Bunk Beds – Side by Side Comparison


DHP Walker EdisonMainstaysBedz King
Metal twin over twin bunk bed comparisonWalker edison twin bunk bed comparisonPine bunk bedHoney bunk bed
DimensionsWidth: 78"
Depth: 41.5"
Height: 61.5"
Width: 79"
Depth: 41.75"
Height: 68.25"
Width: 78.75"
Depth: 43.75"
Height: 64.80"
Width: 84"
Depth: 43.5"
Height: 69.5"
MaterialMetalMetalSolid WoodSolid Wood
Ladder(s)1 x Angled (front)1 x Vertical (front)1 x Vertical (front)1 x Verticle (side)
Weight LimitsUpper bunk - 200 lbs
Lower bunk - 225 lbs
Upper bunk - 300 lbs
Lower bunk - 300 lbs
Upper bunk - 200 lbs
Lower bunk - 200 lbs
Upper bunk - 175 lbs
Lower bunk - 200 lbs
Available ColorsSilver/GreyBlack, Silver and WhiteEspresso, Pine, Gray, White
and Walnut
Honey, Espresso, Cappuccino,
Gray and White
Price Range$$$$$$ $$$$
Our Rating4.5/54.6/54.6/54.8/5
. . . All Models & Colors


DHP Twin over Twin, Metal Bunk Bed


Metal bunk beds twin over twin


  • Takes two standard twin mattresses
  • Front positioned ladder is slanted for additional safety
  • Sleek gray metal finish
  • Weight limit is 200lbs for top
  • Weight limit is 225lbs for bottom

The DHP Twin over Twin, Metal Bunk Bed is the cheapest product in our reviews, and although it is a low cost bed, it is very stable, sturdy and can support 200lbs on the top bunk and 225lbs on the bottom bunk.

Although the description of the bed states that it is a sleek silver metal finish, it is actually a dull grey color, however this does not detract from the overall look of the product, in fact the finish actually enables it to blend in and compliment most room décor.

Childrens bunk bed

The angled ladder is bolted to the top bunk frame, which makes it very sturdy and a lot safer when climbing up and down. The ladder position, as shown in the image above, cannot be moved, unless of course you want to start drilling holes in the frame, which is not advisable.

Each mattress is supported by 22 rods that fit into the side frames. The rods are held in place by plastic clips in the frame and a series of hooks that connect each rod together. Overall, this is a highly effective system that eliminates the need for any additional support.

Mattress Sizes:

Top Bunk: Standard Size twin mattress 74″ – 75″ long x 37-1/2″ – 38-1/2″ wide, and no thicker than 6 inches.

Bottom Bunk: Standard Size twin mattress 74″ – 75″ long x 37-1/2″ – 38-1/2″ wide.

The bottom mattress can be thicker than the top, although, do bear in mind that the thicker the mattress, the less head room you will have between the bottom bunk and the top.


The instructions are adequate, fairly easy to follow and set out in a logical, step by step order.

Average build time for the DHP Twin over Twin, Metal Bunk Bed is between 1 and 2 hours. Everything you need for assembly is included in the package.

It should be noted that the instructions do state that bolts should not be tightened until the assembly is complete.


78″ long x 41.5″ wide x 61.5″ high

Bunk bed sizes


This bed is very sturdy, and most reviewers stated that it does not squeak or sway.

Simple design, good looking, sturdy and low cost, the DHP is certainly one to consider and is highly recommended.



Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bunk Beds


Walker edison twin bunk bed


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Strong, steel construction
  • 22 Support slats per bed, no need for added support
  • 300 lbs. weight limit on each bunk
  • Can be used as two single beds
  • Durable, powder coat finish
  • Conforms to the latest bunk bed safety standards
  • Easy to assemble with all necessary hardware and tools

The Walker Edison, Twin Over Twin, Metal Bunk Bed is a sturdy product that has the added advantage of being able to separate into two separate beds.

Manufactured from steel with a smooth powder coat finish, the Walker Edison can take up to 300lbs on each bunk, and, as such, could be used for both children and most adults.

The ladder can be moved to either the left or right, providing more options as to where the bed will be situated within the room.Twin over twin bunk bed seperated

Mattress sizes:

The Bunk Bed takes two Regular standard twin mattresses. To conform to the latest consumer product safety standards it is recommended by the manufacturer that the top mattress be no more than 9 inches high. Any mattress over 9 inches will reduce the guardrail height to an unacceptable level.

Due to the fact that there are closely spaced, heavy duty support slats, no spring box is needed with this Bunk Bed.


The bed is quite low to the floor, and with a gap of only 7.5 inches from the floor to the bottom of the bed, there’s not a lot of room for storage. However, the low base height does mean that there is a lot of room between the bottom bunk and the top one, which allows the average size adult to sit on the bed without banging their head.

Walker edison twin bunk bed dimensions


Most of the product complaints regarding this product are concerning the difficulty of assembly and the unclear instructions.

Many of the Amazon reviewers have included helpful assembly hints and tips in their reviews, which we advise you to read before starting the assembly.


Overall, for a low price bunk bed, the Walker Edison, Twin over Twin Bunk Beds are very sturdy products that can be used either as a child bunk bed or as an adult bunk bed.

If you are on a budget, the Walker Edison is definitely one of the best value for money bunk beds on the market.



Mainstays Twin over Twin Wood Bunk Bed


Twin over twin bunk beds with storage


  • Easily converts to 2 twin beds
  • Takes two standard twin size coil spring mattresses only (not included)
  • Integrated 4-step ladder for safety
  • Solid wood construction
  • Dimensions: 78.75″L x 43.75″W x 64.80″H
  • Available in various finishes

The Mainstays Twin over Twin Wood Bunk Bed is available in various finishes, including; Espresso, Pine, Gray, White and Walnut.

This practical space saving product is manufactured from solid wood and can be used either as a bunk bed or two single beds.

The ladder has wide flat rungs that are easy on the feet, as opposed to some of the metal bunk beds that have narrow or rounded rungs and tend to be uncomfortable on the feet.

Mattress Sizes:

Top Bunk: Standard coil spring mattress 74″-75″ Long x 37-1/2″ – 38-1/2″ Wide and not exceeding 6 inches thick.

Bottom Bunk: Standard coil spring mattress 74″-75″ Long x 37-1/2″ – 38-1/2″ Wide.

The distance between the bottom mattress support and the bottom rail of the top bunk is approximately 41 inches. Deducting your mattress height from 41 inches will give you the bottom bunk head room.


Pine finish is shown above.

White bunk bed


Walnut bunk bed


Gray bunk bed


Espresso bunk bed



Directions are very clear and concise and the construction process is made very easy due to all the pieces, including the hardware, being separately labeled. Assembly time, according to most reviewers, was between one and two hours.


Overall Dimensions: 78.75″L x 43.75″W x 64.80″H


With a large range of colors and the ability to separate the beds make this Bunk Bed a very attractive prospect. The quality and finish of the bed is, without a doubt, excellent.

At this price, the Mainstays Twin over Twin Bunk Beds really are a bargain.




Bedz King Tall Mission Style Twin over Twin Bunk Beds with End Ladder


Twin over full bunk bed


  • Can be converted from twin over twin bunk bed to two single beds
  • Solid wood (Brazilian Pine), no particle board or MDF
  • Smooth child safe finish
  • Tested by an independent laboratory
  • Assembly tools included

The Bedz King Tall Mission Style Twin over Twin Bunk Beds are manufactured from solid Brazilian Pine and available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

The finish of the product is excellent.  All the wood is sanded and coated to a very high standard to prevent splinters and cracks, making it safe and child friendly.

As the product description states, this is a tall (69-1/2 inches High) Bunk Bed, so please make sure you have enough head room to accommodate the extra height before purchasing.

The ladder can be positioned to the front or rear of the side panels, and can be positioned to the left or right side of the bed. Making it a very versatile when positioning it.

The Bunk can be split into two separate twin size beds. Although, be aware that the top bunk has a gap in the foot board for the ladder and this will be visible when split.

Under the bottom bunk is a space of 11 inches, which may not be enough space for a trundle, but could be used for small storage boxes.

Mattress Sizes:

Top Bunk: Standard mattress – 74″ – 75″ Long x 37 1/2″ – 38 1/2″ Wide, and no more than 9″ Thick.

Bottom Bunk: Standard mattress – 74″ – 75″ Long x 37 1/2″ – 38 1/2″ Wide.

There is no max thickness for the bottom bunk mattress, however, the thicker the mattress the less head room you will have between the bottom and top bunks.


White bunk bed comparison


Honey bunk bed


Espresso bunk bed comparison





The instructions are very clear, with good diagrams and cover all the possible configurations for the ladder placement. All parts are clearly labeled to match the instruction sheet.

Assembly time does obviously vary due to the tools used and the amount of people building the product, although, on average, the build time will typically take between one and two hours.


69-1/2″ High x 84″ Long x 43-1/2″ Deep

Bottom bunk is approximately 11″ from the floor.

Space between bottom bunk slats and top bunk slats (excluding mattress) is approximately 38″

Weight Limits: 175lbs for the top bunk and 200lbs for the bottom bunk.


The Bedz King Tall Mission Style Bunk Bed Twin over Twin is a very nice looking, sturdy and rigid product that should stand many years of daily use.

The overall design and finish is outstanding, and with so many configurations to choose from, you will be sure to find one that suits your needs.